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It is often difficult for mobile DJ's to obtain affordable liability and property insurance. A group insurance plan for DJRN members is available at very economical rates. Liability insurance is a requirement of DJRN membership.
Only members or associate members of DJRN are eligible for group-rate coverage under the terms of the policy.

General liability insurance is necessary to protect you and your customers from an unexpected accident or injury. Our group policy provides $1,000,000 general liability insurance to any member in any state. Liability insurance rates are determined by exposure class according to membership classifications.

This insurance will protect your DJ business pursuits 100% of the time in the event a claim is made against you and your employees for bodily injury or property damage caused by accident or negligence. This applies to your performance on the job, travel to the job, meeting with clients in their home, your home, or any other site where business is conducted.
CERTIFICATES of insurance, a COI, is issued to each insured member. Members may request additional insurance certificates to name and provide insurance to third parties as a condition of their performance. Due to our low claim record, there is NO DEDUCTIBLE amount per individual paid claim.